fairy tales

This website features popular fairy tales, modern fairy tales, famous fairy tales, and also tales from different regions like Germany, China, and Japan.

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Here is a good description of what a fairy tale is.

Fairy Tales are a type of short story that usually feature folkloric characters, such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants, gnomes, and fairy tales usually involve magic or enchantments. There are only a small number of fairy tales that actually refer to fairies. Fairy Tales are different than legends in the sense that legends usually try to bestow belief in the legend and the facts involved in the legend.

Fairy Tales also sometimes refer to events or happenings that seem to be blessed with unusual happiness, for example: "a fairy tale ending" (happy ending...) or "a fairy tale romance" even though not all fairy tales end happily.

A fairy tale is also often referred to as a tall tale or a far-fecthed story someone is telling you, for example: " I saw a ghost at sea..." Other seaman says, "What a fairy tale that is."

In our history, fairy tales have been told in oral form and in books and other literary forms. From what books about fairy tales we have we can estimate that fairy tales have been around for thousands of years. The name "Fairy Tale" was given to them in the late 17th century by Madame d'Aulnoy. Today's modern fairy tales have evolved from century old stories that have appeared in various cultures around the world.

Today fairy tales are still being written, and there are even movies and television shows being made about them. Take the Movie Little Red Riding Hood, or the Tv show Once Upon a Time for example.

Fairy tales were written with both children and adults in mind. The Brothers Grimm entitled their collection of fairy tales " Children's and Household Tales.

Grimms' fairy tales are among the most well-known fairy tales. Hans Christian Andersen is also one of the great writers, you can find his fairy tales in our Fairy Tales for Kids section.